Diploma in
Personal Training
ITEC - Level 3


We offer a combined Level 2 & 3 Diploma in Personal Training. This is the highest recognised Personal Training qualification available today. As qualified personal trainers, tutors and commercial gym owners, we know the pitfalls and pearls of how to be successful in the fitness industry. If you want to make real gains in the fitness industry, we definitely know a thing or two about that. This digitally-supported, face-to-face course brings all the experience from two brands who’ve caused a stir since day one – so not only will you have the smarts to smash every client programme, but the know-how to nail your own business as well.

Our course is designed to offer the flexibility for you to decide when you want to study. If you want to complete your theory in 6 weeks or 6 months, that is entirely up to you. Futhermore, our practical lessons are open to you to re-join whilst you’re studying with us. That means if you don’t feel confident after certain practical lessons you are more than welcome to hop into the next one. This gives you reassurance that you can be supported by us over and over throughout your time with us as students.

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    1. What will I be studying?


      There will be a mixture of Level Two & Level Three Modules


      • Principles of exercise
      • Anatomy & physiology
      • Planning for gym-based exercise
      • Instructing gym-based exercise
      • How to support clients who take part in exercise
      • Health & Safety


      • Anatomy & physiology for exercise and health
      • Programming personal training with clients
      • Delivering personal training sessions
      • Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme

    2. Can I travel with my IFI Qualification?


      Our college has accredited qualifications from the world’s most prestigious fitness institute - ITEC which is globally recognised. Giving you the option to cerate your business anywhere in the world.

    3. Do I have to pay all at once?


      We have payment plans available to pay in increments.

    4. Who are the coaches?


      The IFI team is made up of dedicated and exceptionally qualified experts, who are able to offer unparalleled support and resources, while you earn your qualifications. Behind the team are three highly accomplished athletes, Greg Kenny (international runner), Terry Kenny (former international boxer) and Jack Kenny (former international boxer).

    "Amazing course with very experienced tutors. They really helped me to become confident as a personal trainer and class instructor. Plenty of in-person practical sessions too, which I think is super important and what a lot of other PT courses in Cork are missing!"

    -Aideen Whitford

    "So thankful to Jack, Greg and Veronica that they got through the sales process, teaching classes and support with me. Looking forward to get my certification soon to start my new career as a personal coach."

    -Melissa Puhachova

    "I'm fairly new to the industry and had the pleasure to join this absolutely fantastic team of enthusiastic people. They are very supportive and had taught me how to structure classes such as metcon, lift, abs&core, and boxing."

    -Gain Ghoul

    "If you are thinking of doing a fitness training, this is your chance. Don't miss it. 100% Recommended"

    -JorG Mos

    "A Fitness Institution with the best professionals in Ireland. Because of Greg, Jack and Veronica, I am a better professional than I was before. I have learned and continue to learn so much from them."

    -Diogo Miguel

    Personal Trainer Level 3

    You will qualify with all the fundamental and advanced skills and knowledge in anatomy and physiology, principles of training and delivering effective workout programmes tailored to your client’s goals and needs.

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